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Sunday, April 10, 2005
  Numerology They are many different methods of numerology in practice today like :

1. Kabalah :

Kabalah means traditional knowledge . It has 22 letters in alphabets.Alphabetic value of each letter was originated by the Chaldeans who were the master of all magical arts and pass it to Hebrews . In this system number are translated from the phonetic sounds of the letters of name. Kabalah has 22 letters and no number 9 is given to alphabet, for the simple reason that the ancient masters of occultism knew that number 9 represents the 9letter name of God and was consoled holy and hence no single number was ascribed to it. Hebrews are set to have changed the letter in their names and alter the significance to have better destiny.


Pythagorean method is based on numbers 1 to 9 and silent features attributed to the numbers , later on reachers add to it the master numbers. Pythagorean system it encourages to develop ones intuition by letting the numbers do the talking. It assigned a particular number to each alphabet in the natural way and gave its salient features along side. The meaning attached to the numbers have been modified through research by series of workers till date.
Presently the Numerology in use is the Pythagorean method of numerology which was modified through age’s by research conducted by a series of work’s to date & has given us this system of numerology .It is the most popular system in use today and it is very useful and it gives the full details of a person.

The following features were attributed to the numbers in this system .

1,A,J,S - courage , leadership ,egoism, initiative power

2,B,K,T - peace , partnership,diplomacy ,spirituality
3,C,L,U - expression,imagination,expansion,creativity,thoughtful,action and wisdom
4,D,M,V - organisation,order,service,limitation
5,E,M,W - changeability,freedom,knowledge and progress
6,F,O,X - love,union,artist,balance,adaptability
7,G,P,Y - power of analysis,secretive,wisdom,peace,service
8,H,Q,Z - executive ability,judgement,material power,succes,ambition
9,I,R - universal love, forgiveness, philanthropic , compassion , understanding

It is found that birth number is very important as it is the easiest and the clearest to use for every day matters taking place, it foretells with authority and decision, for the exact event taking place and the birth number also indicates the purpose of one’s birth in this universe and their purpose in life and the path they will take to accomplish their mission on the earth.

The path of destiny is derived by adding the day, month and year of birth reduced to a single digit. Amazing numerology clearly specifies through the destiny in numbers what path of life one will follow stressing upon the good and bad period and it also indicates when the individual gets success ,name, job, Acquisition of property etc., with this information given individual can plan and shape his future in a better way. 
From the ancient times man has been eager to know his future and he computed different ways of knowing his future for example palmistry,astrology,tarot and so on. Out of these numerology is the easiest to predict and the simplest to practice. It provides with interesting tools for exploring ourselves and our potential and destiny . The ancient people together Chaldeans, Hebrews and Egyptians were the absolute masters of the hidden meaning of numbers and numerology.

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